Make more out of the 5% who buy…

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Automated AI personalization

for e-coms who don't

have the muscles of Amazon.

Let Bubbi and its AI do all the work and heavy lifting, all you do is enjoy the growth.

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Why Bubbi?

It's simple. To increase your:
- Conversion rate
- Average order value

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Increase conversion rate

Become relevant for the 95% who don't buy....

You want the visitor to choose you. But with a single click, she has left your e-com for a competitor

- What potential is there to increase the Conversion rate by showing the right message and offer to each unique visitor?

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Increase average order value

Make more out of the 5% who do buy....

Great, you've succeeded - the customer choose to buy from you. This is where the next big opportunity opens up.

- How can you utilize the potential to increase the order value by showing the right message and offer to each unique customer?

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How does it work?

1. Track

We track all details and nuances of the customer's visit in real time.

2. Predict

In real time our algorithms predict the customer's motivation and intention.

3. Personalize

Your website automatically adapts in real time to better match the customer's intention.

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Everybody told us it had to be simple

Five minutes of your time in three steps to get started.


Implement the Bubbi pixel on your e-com


Bubbi adapts it's tracking and starts training models


4 weeks after the pixel was implemented the fun begins

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Curious how it started?

"Why should the experience visiting your e-com be so static for every visitor?"

Milestone 1 - Track

The journey began with creating a new method for tracking visitors behavior in an e-commerce. This includes understanding all the nuances and details of a visitors behavior. What the visitor does and sees.

To be honest, we created this without knowing exactly what we were going to use it for, but we knew that if we did it right, it would be very valuable.

Milestone 2 - Predict

Early on, we understood that the data we create in our tracking has unique potential. And we also understood that even though a person's behavior is something very complex, there are clear patterns in these behaviors.

Using methods within AI / Machine Learning, we developed a method to identify these patterns to predict a visitor's motivation and intentions.

Milestone 3 - Personalize with hyper relevance

It was now that it really started to get exciting. Together with a number of pilot customers we developed tools to utilize the power within the predicted motivation and intentions.

With a relentless focus on improving Conversion rate and Average order value we created an automated solution that personalize your e-com to each visitor in real time.

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You are frustrated

You are, like us, frustrated that traditional methods can not make the visit to an e-com more relevant to every visitor.

You are a nerd

You are, like us, a true nerd and you simply know that at the intersection of behavioral data and methods within AI/Machine Learning there is enormous potential.

You want to explore

You, like us, want to explore how personalization with hyper relevance can increase Conversion rate and Average order value.

We are truly passionate about what we do. What's your reason to reach out for a chat?